Should Congress make it easier for U.S. Armed Forces veterans to gain United States citizenship?
Should Congress expand FEMA’s authority to provide more assistance in the aftermath of a natural disaster?
Should Congress authorize funding for a variety of child nutrition and food security programs to fight child food insecurity?
Should Congress authorize a grant program for HUD to provide people experiencing homelessness with substance abuse intervention services?
Should Congress regulate lead-based pain in federally assisted housing?
Should Congress establish rights for the unhoused and transfer money from the defense budget to help end the unhoused crisis?
Should Congress modify and expand low-income federal housing tax credits?
Should Congress require tamper-resistant battery-powered smoke alarms in federally assisted housing and require HUD to form a national education campaign about safety features in housing.
Should Congress create a National Investment Authority and Fund to provide support for housing affordability and infrastructure?
Should Congress improve the prior authorization process to streamline health care access for seniors?
Should the HUD provide mortgage assistance to law enforcement officers, elementary and secondary school teachers, firefighters, or other first responders?
Should Congress criminalize protests against churches and pro-life pregnancy centers?
Should Congress ban any declaration of a national emergency regarding abortion access?
Should Congress ban abortions on federal land and facilities?
Should Congress create a code of conduct for Supreme Court justices?