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What People are Saying

“In a time of extreme political gridlock, IssueVoter is a non-partison platform that gives constituents real insight into the issues they care about. IssueVoter cuts through that gridlock by allowing voters who might not normally be involved in politics to weigh-in.”
Glenn Nye, Former U.S. Member of Congress (VA-2)
“This was so easy, and I finally felt engaged with our political system - with one click! I loved finding out how frequently I agree/disagree with my representative's votes; it is enlightening and empowering information for our next election!”
Marina Tarasova, IssueVoter User
“I love IssueVoter because they ignore the debate of Democrats vs. Republicans and focus on what really matters: issues that affect me, my friends, and my community. IssueVoter helps me understand the real laws on the table and most importantly, voice my opinion.”
Dan Mascola, IssueVoter User