The Problem

When we vote, we’re hiring our elected officials. We pay their salaries with our tax dollars. Imagine hiring an employee, paying and promoting them, yet never seeing any of their work. That’s essentially what we’re all doing when we vote & re- elect. And incumbents are re-elected over 90% of the time.

We’re living with an outdated system

  • Bills are difficult to research and understand,
  • Contacting reps still involves snail mail, picking up the phone, or filling out long forms online,
  • Petitions don’t work. To elected officials, petitions are merely a list of names – you may not be one of their voters, and the person signing the petition has no way to track outcomes

Engage with Your Political Process

Track your rep's activity. We tell you how your rep voted, how often your representative agrees with you, and whether or not they’ve attended a vote.

Encourage open discussion. You can share an issue on your favorite social network, without revealing your personal opinion.

Act on issues that don’t make headlines. We don’t only tell you about what is breaking the news; we check for updates every hour to make sure you have the latest information.

Become an informed voter. Using IssueVoter year-round informs you before elections and keeps money's influence out of your opinion. Only re-elect reps who truly represented you.

of a Bill
  • You see scorecard
  • You vote on Election Day
  • Rep gets elected
  • Rep introduces bills
  • You get alerted
  • You send your opinion
  • You spread the word
  • Rep Votes

Our Vision

Voter Participation. By keeping voters informed throughout the year on issues that matter most to them, more people will see how legislation affects those issues, and recognize the importance of voting and engaging with their representative year-round. Voters will have a more informed view their representatives during election season.

Transparency & Accountability. Politicians are public servants, and we are paying their salaries with our tax dollars to represent us. IssueVoter helps voters track elected officials’ actions, leading to increased transparency and accountability.

Reduced Outside Influence. IssueVoter helps people reach their elected officials so that our representatives hear from more voters, not just lobbyists and the biggest donors. Join us to shift the focus from expensive campaigns to the real work getting done in Congress throughout each legislative session.

Increased Knowledge. IssueVoter encourages its voters to share issues (the fact that a bill exists) without necessarily publicly sharing their private opinions, or starting controversial debates. Be in-the-know about legislation throughout the year that isn’t making headlines, but affects your daily life nonetheless.

Before and After IssueVoter

Before IssueVoter

  • Bills are hard to research and understand
  • Contacting your rep requires snail mail, picking up the phone, or filling out long forms online
  • Petitions don’t work and you never discover the outcome
  • Issues you care about are scattered across multiple single-issue organizations

After IssueVoter

  • Bills are summarized, along with pros, cons, and recent news
  • IssueVoter tracks your rep’s votes, bill outcomes, and how often you agree
  • Send your opinion directly to your rep in just 1-click
  • Act on all the issues you care about in one place

Who We Are

Our Story

Founder Maria Yuan first envisioned IssueVoter while managing a State Senate campaign in Iowa, a battleground state known for its voter engagement. Having previously worked in the State Capitol as a legislative aide, she knew how little contact voters have with legislators year-round despite the fact that reps really do count every voter call and letter. She thought, “How can we extend engagement beyond elections and keep elected officials accountable? How can we help everyone understand laws that will affect their daily lives? And how can people take action in the most effective way?

Our Mission

IssueVoter’s mission is to give everyone an equal voice in our democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful.

At IssueVoter, we reinvest the majority of our profits back into the mission.

Contact Us

Email with any questions or feedback.

Send us a note and your resume if you’re interested in volunteering, jobs, or our Student Ambassador Program. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information about the legislative process, you can watch this 3-minute Schoolhouse rock video: I’m Just a Bill on Capitol Hill. It’s old school (from 1975!), but in a way, so is Congress.