Should Racism be Re-declared as a Public Health Crisis?
Should Congress prevent mifepristone distribution through pharmacies and mail services?
Should Congress require face-to-face purchases of ammunition, licensing ammunition dealers, and reporting bulk purchases of ammunition?
Should Congress authorize a Federal report and longitudinal study to report facts of social media usage and its effect on users under 18?
Should Congress authorize grants to establish or maintain a student mental health and safety helpline?
Should Congress designate a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as Wilderness?
Should we move to 100% Renewable Energy, Zero-Emission Vehicles, and Regenerative Agriculture by 2030?
Should Congress provide grants for state and local governments to provide mentoring, transitional services, and training?
Should Congress require states to provide same-day voter registration?
Should Washington D.C. be admitted as the 51st State?
Should Congress withhold federal funding from governments that allow non-citizens to vote in local elections?
Should Congress target and eliminate harmful pesticides that harm the health of farmworkers and children?
Should Congress repeal provisions that reduce social security benefits for those who receive other benefits?
Should Congress eliminate income, payroll, and estate/gift taxes in favor of a national rate on sales taxes and abolish the IRS?
Should white supremacy be added to the criminal code and crimes that the DoJ investigates?