Pursuing Equity in Mental Health Act (S. 1795)
Should Congress authorize federal funds to improve mental health accessibility in schools?
Should we expand resources for mental and behavioral health?
Does Congress have the power to impeach a former president?
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Should Congress implement reform within the USDA to protect Black farmers and ranchers?
Should Congress require that individuals are fully vaccinated before flying into and out of the United States?
Should the Department of State take action to reduce conflict between Israel and other Arab states?
Should the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act be amended to expand the definition of homelessness used by the Department of Housing and Urban Development?
Should Congress address the congressional budget through 2031, with the specific goal of reducing the deficit by $1 billion?
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Should Congress spend $100 billion on improving American energy infrastructure?
Should it be illegal to distribute 3D gun-printing instructions?
Should airplanes be accessible to and accommodate people with disabilities?
Should landowners be able to protect their land against public pipeline projects?
Should Congress track railway-highway blockings?
Should Congress invest $78 billion in transportation improvements?