Should Congress dedicate $230 billion to modernize and expand public health centers?

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This bill would establish programs to address the environmental impacts of climate change on the health care sector. It invests $130 billion over five years through the Community Health Center Fund which supports outpatient facilities for medically underserved populations, allocates $100 billion in federal grants for medical facilities to improve their climate resilience, mandates hospital closure notifications to prevent healthcare deserts, establishes transparent medical supply chain policies, and supports healthcare workers through education and hazard pay initiatives. This bill seeks to fortify the healthcare system, ensuring equitable access to care while addressing climate-related weaknesses and promoting environmental sustainability. Sponsor: Rep. Ro Khanna (Democrat, California, District 17)
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Opponents say

•      At the time of research and publication, no official opposing statements have been identified.  This does not mean that nobody opposes the bill, nor does it mean that opposing statements will not be made in the future.

Proponents say

•      "Across the world, hundreds of millions of people are already feeling the effects of climate change and the health consequences that often follow. From increased cases of asthma due to air pollution to disruptions at care facilities after extreme weather events, it's clear we need to take steps now to protect public health. I'm incredibly proud to join Senator Markey in introducing the Green New Deal for Health, a sweeping bill that reimagines what our health care system can look like when we prioritize our people and our planet." Source: Rep. Ro Khanna (Democrat, California, District 17)

•      "Integrating public health into the climate justice conversation recognizes the far-reaching impacts of climate change beyond the environment. By addressing this intersection, we can foster inclusive solutions led by residents, prioritizing community well-being and resilience alongside environmental protection." Source: Heather McMann, CEO of Groundwork USA

•      "The American health care system is broken–from the exorbitant medical bills and outlandish insurance premiums, to maxed out emergency rooms and shuttering hospitals. With climate disasters on the rise, the health and safety of frontline environmental justice communities is more precarious than ever. We urgently need to invest in a more sustainable system, one that is resilient to the impacts of climate change, supports its workers, and doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. We can’t have a health care system that makes us sicker while health care providers work to make us well." Source: Senator Ed Markey (Democrat, Massachusetts)