Should Congress provide $50 million for faith- and community-based organizations to help address healthcare disparities?

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This bill will provide $50 million for Black churches and faith- and community-based organizations to address healthcare disparities. It will help fund faith- and community-based organizations to pay the costs of necessary medical services, and support health care professionals, peer support specialists, community health representatives, and other professionals who support access to care. Sponsor: Rep. Nikema Williams (Democrat, Georgia, District 5)
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Opponents say

At the time of research and publication, no official opponent statements were found. This does not necessarily mean that nobody opposes the bill, nor does it mean that statements won’t be made in the future.  

Proponents say

•      "The Health Equity Innovation Act of 2023 is essential for providing the critical resources that will enable Black health professionals, Black community and faith-based organizations, and fraternal and social organizations to all come together for sustained engagement to address the many health challenges that we collectively face. Our recent experience with COVID, highlights the effectiveness that has been demonstrated by Choose Healthy Life, through the integration of our network health professionals, churches, and faith-based health navigators, who successfully engaged communities in a holistic manner, often left behind by traditional healthcare services. As a consequence of our success in enhancing compliance with evidence-based best practices combined with our ability to provide direct services such as immunizations, provides confidence that these financial resources can and will be responsibly utilized." Source: Dr. Reed Tuckson, co-founder of the Black Coalition Against COVID-19, Press Release

•     "No one understands the needs of our communities more than those who also call them home. Under the transformative Office of Minority Health, our new grant program will support diverse Americans by empowering local and faith-based organizations on the ground with critical resources to both improve health outcomes for working families and reduce the disparities that have so often brought them needless pain. I’m proud to stand with Rep. Williams in support of this vital cause." Source: Rep. Yvette D. Clarke (New York, District 09), Press Release

•     "The trust, advocacy, and determination of the Black Church has been essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Conference of National Black Churches and its affiliate denominations distributed more than 1 million vaccinations through our 31,000 churches thanks to the invaluable partnership of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other government and private partners. We applaud Congresswoman Williams for her vision and leadership and are proud and honored to support the Health Equity Innovation Act, which will break down more barriers to empower Faith- and Community-based organizations to continue to lead the work towards health equity in our communities.” Source: Jacqui Burton, President of the Conference of National Black Churches, Press Release