Should Congress expand the languages in which electoral materials are written?

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This bill would expand existing access to electoral "voting materials" such as ballots, instructions, and other paper or digital information. This bill would translate all material into minority languages as well as in English. This is primarily intended to expand access to Native American and Alaskan Native communities. Grants may be applied to increase incentives for communities to invest in these materials. This bill is a part of Williams’ seven-bill voting rights legislative package. Sponsor: Rep. Nikema Williams (Democrat, Georgia, District 5)
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Opponents say

At the time of research and publication, no official opponent statements were found. This does not necessarily mean that nobody opposes the bill, nor does it mean that statements won’t be made in the future.

Proponents say

•      "The right to vote is a cornerstone of our democracy. Not only should we protect the right to vote, but we should make the process as easy for registered voters as possible. Congresswoman Nikema William’s Voting Rights Package covers election funding to keep our elections secure and make sure election workers have the resources they need, language access, protections to ensure that mail-in ballots are received in a timely manner, ensuring that unhoused voters are not further disenfranchised, and more. These bills help strengthen our democracy and make our country better by making sure that access to the ballot is protected. I am proud to enthusiastically support the entire package" Source: Helen Butler, Executive Director of the Coalition for the People’s Agenda

•     "This weekend’s anniversary of the March on Washington and the ongoing struggle it represents is an important reminder that an inclusive, multiracial democracy demands that all voters’ voices are heard. This is why we are thrilled to stand alongside Congresswoman Williams and other champions in Congress as they introduce bills that will promote access for voters too often left out of the process, provide local election workers who are the lifeblood of our democracy the resources they need, and strengthen our democracy." Source: LeShawn Warren, Chief Policy Officer at the SPLC Action Fund

•     "English-only elections are modern-day literacy tests, plain and simple. Our democracy requires every voice be heard on Election Day. We saw how powerful that is in the 2020 election when a multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalition showed up to vote in Georgia and changed the history of America. But far too often, similar voters across the country are unable to participate in our democracy due to English-only election materials. That is why Congress must make voting materials accessible for every constituent. The Expanding the VOTE Act will remove barriers to the ballot box so everyone can participate in our democracy—no matter your ZIP Code, no matter what language you speak." Source: Rep. Nikema Williams (Democrat, Georgia District 5)