Should Racism be Re-declared as a Public Health Crisis?

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Bill Summary

This resolution declares racism a public health crisis and supports efforts to address health disparities and inequities across all sectors. Sponsor: Rep. Jahana Hayes (Democrat, Connecticut, District 5)
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Opponents say

•   At the time of research and publication, no official opponent statements were found. This does not necessarily mean that nobody opposes the bill, nor does it mean that statements won’t be made in the future.

Proponents say

•  "Until we confront structural racism as the public health crisis that it is, our communities – particularly our Black, brown, and Indigenous neighbors – will continue to be denied access to quality health care and racial disparities in health outcomes will persist. We need robust, comprehensive research on the public health impacts of structural racism and police brutality, and policy solutions to bring an end to these disparities once and for all." Source: Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Democrat, Washington D.C., District 7) 

•   "From asthma to maternal mortality to police brutality, the data shows communities of color experience higher health disparities in nearly every facet of life,” said Congresswoman Lee. “Centuries of structural racism have created an alarming public health crisis—one that demands a structural solution." Source: Rep. Barbara Lee (Democrat, California, District 12)