Should Congress require states to provide same-day voter registration?

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Bill Summary

This bill requires states with a voter registration requirement to make same-day voter registration available at the polling place on any day voting is permitted. Sponsor: Rep. Julia Brownley (Democrat, California, District 26)
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Opponents say

•  "[Same-day registration] creates a huge problem of people voting multiple times in the same election because our polling places are not connected electronically. ... So I could register at polling place one, vote; show my same identification at polling place two across town, vote; and go to polling place three, four, five and six. It will be discovered after the fact, after the election that I voted multiple times, but my multiple votes will be cast and there’s no way to pull my votes out of the ballot box once they’re cast.Source: Ballotpedia, Former Kansa Secretary of State Kris Kobach

Proponents say

  "Elections are a cornerstone of our democracy, and participation in our democracy should always be encouraged. Far too often, the right to vote is obstructed by outdated voter registration regulations and voter registration lists. In many states, Americans face senseless barriers while trying to access the ballot box, including cumbersome pre-registration requirements and the absence of same-day voter registration laws." Source: Rep. Julia Brownley (Democrat, California, District 26)