Should states be required to eliminate long voting lines?

     "Ballot drop boxes can be used for one for every 100,000 people. Rather than being put in certain neighborhoods or certain areas, they're done by precinct. They're done by population density. And there's one ballot drop box for every 100,000 people. Source: State Sen. Butch Miller (Georgia)

     "No one should be shut out of the democratic process just because they can't spend hours waiting in lines to cast a ballot. Making voting accessible and convenient shouldn't be a partisan issue. I have never heard Oregonians, Democrats or Republicans, tell me they long for the days where voting took longer. It's time to pass the POLL act and put an end to unreasonable lines in every state.Source: Sen. Ron Wyden (Democrat, Oregon)

     "Forcing people to wait in long lines to vote is a long-standing tool used to prevent citizens from voting to manipulate elections, and like nearly every voter suppression strategy in American history, it's directed six times as often at people of color. Nobody should have to spend hours out in the weather, when they might need to get to work or pick up their kids, to exercise their constitutional rights. If we believe in the freedom to vote and democracy, let's make sure staffing and equipment are distributed equitably so nobody has to wait more than 30 minutes to vote.Source: Sen. Jeff Merkley (Democrat, Oregon)

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