Renew the Community Services Block Grant?

This bill has Passed the House of Representatives
Bill Summary

This bill reauthorizes the Community Services Block Grant through FY2031. The Community Services Block Grant provides funds for poverty alleviation and employment, education, housing, and health assistance. The bill changes some aspects of the grant, including leadership restructuring, performance measurement, and allotment minimums and maximums. Sponsor: Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (Democrat, Oregon, District 1) View full bill text ➔

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Opponents say

•    "H.R. 5129 puts taxpayers on the hook for more unnecessary spending. Spending is how Democrats got our country in this inflation crisis, but it is most certainly not how we will get out of it…this reauthorization could keep even more Americans in poverty by increasing the income threshold from 125% of the federal poverty level to 200%. This legislation will also allow individuals, once enrolled in the program, to receive benefits regardless of income eligibility." Source: Rep. Virginia Foxx (Republican, North Carolina, District 5)

Proponents say

•    "Today, community action agencies, or CAAs, form a network of more than 1,000 organizations with a dedicated mission of helping individuals and families find their way out of poverty…These agencies provide services and programs that meet the unique needs of local communities, and help low-income individuals and families achieve economic stability, secure meaningful employment and adequate education, gain and improve job-related skills, obtain housing, and participate in the community." Source: Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (Democrat, Oregon, District 1)