Should title XVI be amended to update the supplemental security income program?

•  "The three big entitlement programs that are very popular, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.… There's been a bipartisan reluctance to tackle entitlement changes because of the popularity of those programs. Hopefully, at some point here, we'll get serious about this." Source: Sen. Mitch McConnell (Republican, Kentucky)

•  "The promise of Social Security is to ensure that no one in America should live in poverty – least of all our nation's seniors and people with disabilities. By updating SSI we can deliver on this promise and ensure disabled and elderly Ohioans are able to live with dignity. Congress must prioritize these long-overdue reforms as part of upcoming recovery legislation." Source: Sherrod Brown (Democrat, Ohio) 

•  "…SSI benefits do not even reach the federal poverty line. And oppressive asset and income restrictions force those with disabilities to spend their lives in poverty. Enough is enough. It is time to expand SSI to ensure people with disabilities get the benefits they need." Source: Sen. Bernie Sanders (Independent, Vermont)

•  "I’m advocating for the Build Back Better Act because it has funding that would directly benefit our district, including: Desperately-needed improvements to the Supplemental Security Income program. More than 8 million people with disabilities and older Americans rely on SSI — including more than 20,000 of my constituents — and they should not be forced to live in poverty. That is why I have sponsored the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act to expand SSI and guarantee a good quality of life for all seniors and people with disabilities." Source: Rep. Jamaal Bowman (Democrat, New York)

•  "To have that social safety net isn't just good for us individually for peace of mind, it helps us feel like we are part of a society that respects our elders and values our vulnerable." Source: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat, New York)