Should Congress expand funding aimed to protect family and domestic violence survivors?

This bill has PASSED the House of Representatives.

At the time of research and publication, no official opponent statements were found. This does not necessarily mean that nobody opposes the bill, nor does it mean that statements won’t be made in the future. 

    "A heartbreaking mark of this pandemic has been the increase in domestic and family violence that continues to affect Americans across the country. We must do all we can to keep children and families safe through this pandemic and in the future. With this bill, we are working hand in hand with state, local, and tribal leadership to assist organizations in the funding process as they continue their vital work. I’m grateful to my Republican and Democratic colleagues for joining me once again to help prevent violence, protect families, and care for survivors of domestic abuse." Source: Rep. Lucy McBath (Democrat, Georgia, District 6) 

    "Since the mid-1980s the federal government has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars a year to states, territories, tribes, and other recipients to shelter and assist victims of violence. Preventing family violence and assisting victims is the right thing to do. These individuals, who are disproportionately women, are not interested in partisan victories. They just want help. Reauthorization of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act should follow through on previous federal commitments. Current law is serving these victims well, and any policy changes should be bipartisan and made for the benefit of victims and not political allies." Source: Rep. Virginia Foxx (Republican, North Carolina, District 5)

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