Should Congress require that individuals are fully vaccinated before flying into and out of the United States?

•    "It is outrageous that the Biden administration is contemplating new regulations or guidelines to require passengers to undergo COVID-19 testing before domestic air travel. This is another unscientific, bureaucratic action designed to control Americans’ lives and increase dependence on government. Further, such a mandate would devastate the airline industry and destroy massive sectors of our recovering economy …" Source: Rep. Andy Biggs (Republican, Arizona, District 5)

•    "Such a mandate would be counterproductive, costly, and have serious unintended consequences" Source: Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly

•    "The Transportation Security Administration prevents people from entering airplanes and airports with weapons. There’s a sense in which the Delta variant is a weapon. It’s a biological weapon … I would argue that there’s no greater threat to the homeland security of the United States than the delta variant." Source: Rep. Ritchie Torres (Democrat, New York, District 15)

    "It is absolute insanity that you can get on an airplane in America without vaccination." Source: Mark Levine (New York City Council, District 7)

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