Should Congress address the congressional budget through 2031, with the specific goal of reducing the deficit by $1 billion?

This bill has Concurrent Resolution Agreed to the Senate
Bill Summary

This concurrent resolution establishes the congressional budget for 2022 and offers recommendations for the budget through 2031. These recommendations address federal revenues, public debt, deficits, spending categories, Social Security, and the United States Postal Service. Specifically, the resolution directs the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee to lower the deficit by $1 billion by 2031. Funding is allocated to congressional committees so they may accomplish goals such as no taxation on people making less than $400,000 annually and stopping deficit increases. Finally, the resolution outlines budgetary procedures for emergency, infrastructure, and education legislation. Sponsor: Sen. Bernard Sanders (Independent, Vermont)
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Opponents say

    "S. Con Res. 14 is a disastrous $3.5 trillion spending blueprint that will drive inflation up and cause even more damage to our Nation’s economy. House Democrats passed both bills on pure party-line votes. Not one Republican voted in favor of either piece of legislation. Progressives are on a power trip and have given no thought to the consequences of their actions. Leftists are passing down trillions of dollars of debt for unnecessary pet projects to our children, grandchildren and the generations to come."  Source: Rep. Scott Desjarlais (Republican, Tennessee, District 4)

    "I am astounded by the irresponsible manner in which Speaker Pelosi operated the House this week, simply because she could not get members of her own party in line and on board with her will and wishes. As a result, Speaker Pelosi had the House skip critical debate and an individual vote on a consequential budget resolution solely intended to trigger $3.5 trillion worth of radical tax-and-spend legislation...Considering that inflation is already at its highest level in decades and with mounting crises across the nation and around the world, this behavior is not only disgraceful, it is a disservice to the American people." Source: Rep. Thomas Cole (Republican, Oklahoma, District 4)  

    "Today, Speaker Pelosi successfully compelled moderate House Democrats, who originally stood for fiscal responsibility, to pass a rule that guarantees the passage of budget reconciliation - an egregious, irresponsible spending and tax plan saddled on the back of the American people. Democrat spending is completely out of control, and families are paying the price as Americans see the purchasing power of their hard-earned paycheck tumble. This is not the fiscal responsibility Oklahomans deserve, and I’ll continue to urge my colleagues on the other side of the aisle to grasp the real-world consequences of their reckless spending." Source: Rep. Frank Lucas (Republican, Oklahoma, District 3)

Proponents say

    "We have an historic opportunity to make long overdue investments in our families and workers and provide life-changing opportunities that will create a better future for all. Our country needs the Build Back Better Plan now. I was glad to join the House in starting the process that will turn this vision into a law that benefits Oregonians, people across the country, and the planet. We will increase access to child care, lower costs for families, support workforce development, help address the climate crisis, and much more." Source:  Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (Democrat, Oregon, District 1) 

    "The Build Back agenda is one that is liberating for families, not just women. Moms and dads with child care, with a Child Tax Credit, with universal pre-K, with home health care, with workforce development so that not only are we building the physical infrastructure of America. We are building the human infrastructure of America to enable many more people to participate in the success of our economy and the growth of our society. It does so with equity: 40 percent justice provision that will be in there." Source: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California, District 12) 

    "The vote today is an important first step to Build Back Better by creating jobs, delivering tax cuts to hard-working American families, and lowering the costs of fundamental family needs including childcare, healthcare, and education. It does so by closing tax loopholes and clamping down on corporate tax dodgers." Source: Rep. Sanford D. Bishop, Jr. (Democrat, Georgia, District 2)