Should absentee ballots be used to improve the ease of voting for individuals with disabilities?

 "Republicans are serious about restoring faith and trust in our elections… so-called ‘ballot harvesting’ should never be allowed regardless of the political party doing it." Source: State Sen. Duey Stroebel (Republican, Wisconsin)

  "In the discussion of voting rights, individuals with disabilities are often overlooked, as are the barriers preventing them from making their voices heard at the ballot box. The Disability Voting Rights Act will ensure that states promote access to the ballot by making voter registration materials and polling places accessible for persons with disabilities. Our government only reflects the voices of the people when the people can be heard; this bill makes sure this fundamental right is accessible to all citizens." Source: Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (Democrat, Pennsylvania, District 5)

  "With over twenty-one percent of Pennsylvanians living with a disability, the Disability Voting Rights Act will ensure that everyone who is able to vote can participate in our democracy. I am grateful that Congresswoman Scanlon has taken the lead on this important issue to not only Pennsylvanians but the country." Source: Gov. Tom Wolf (Democrat, Pennsylvania)

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