Should the CDC release racial and other demographic data pertaining to COVID-19?

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Bill Summary

This bill requires the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to collect and report certain racial and other demographic data concerning COVID-19. Sponsor: Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Democrat, Massachusetts
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Opponents say

• "To a certain extent the federal government can only do so much in the way it collects this kind of data. We have to rely on the states and the systems and platforms they use to collect. And you also run into the issue of how you get more people to answer these kinds of questions when they come in for a test or shot." Source: Senior Administration Official (CDC)

Proponents say

• "The inclusion of key aspects of our Equitable Data and Collection Disclosure on COVID-19 is a meaningful step forward. This will save lives. We now must work to ensure that the CDC is transparent in their data collection and reporting and that the data is being used effectively and efficiently to get testing, treatment, and other economic resources and support to those communities most in need." Source: Rep. Ayanna Pressley (Democrat, Massachusetts, District 7)

• "We are facing a crisis unlike anything in our lifetimes -- and it is hitting communities of color, people with disabilities, low-income communities, and Indian Country especially hard. Because of government-sponsored discrimination and systemic racism, communities of color are on the frontlines of this pandemic. To effectively slow the spread of the virus and ensure our response is robust and equitable, we need comprehensive national data on who is getting infected, who is getting treatment, and who is dying. That is how we can truly contain COVID-19 and save lives." Source: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Democrat, Massachusetts)