Should states prohibit automatic voter registration and require proof of citizenship for voting?

• "The Republicans are once again attempting to suppress the vote to prevent millions of citizens from exercising their right to participate in elections — because they realize that is the only way they can win. This proposed legislation is not about tightening election and voting requirements in the slightest. It is nothing more than an attempt by the Republican Party to codify voter suppression into federal law." Source: Professor Hank Cetola (Adrian College)
• "The United States is a beacon of democracy in the world, and free and fair elections are one of the guiding principles our nation was founded on. However, if the American people don’t have confidence in our elections, we don’t have a true democracy. What we saw this past election was confusion and chaos caused by inconsistent standards and last minute changes to established election laws by state officials and activist judges. It’s now more clear than ever that there is a serious need for major reforms to our election systems. The Save Democracy Act establishes common sense, nation-wide standards and requirements for voter ID, mail-in ballots and vote counting. To restore confidence in our elections, we need consistency and the ability to ensure accurate and timely election results. I look forward to my colleagues joining in this effort to help our country move forward, restore public trust and protect the democracy our nation cherishes." Source: Senator Rick Scott (Republican, Florida)

• "Broad participation in the American electoral process is not only ideal, but necessary. At the same time, everyone needs to have confidence that our elections are conducted in a consistent and transparent manner. Setting basic federal standards would go far to begin restoring public trust in the integrity of our elections, and, I believe, encourage more citizens to participate in our democratic process." Source: Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith (Republican, Mississippi)

• "We have a crisis of faith in our electoral process, and maybe Congress’s most important job in 2021 is to restore that trust. The Save Democracy Act is a way for Congress to go beyond reassurance and prove that our elections are secure. Americans know common-sense reforms like citizenship verification and poll-watchers will make our elections safer." Source: Rep. Jim Banks (Republican, Indiana, District 3)
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