The For the People Act (S. 1)

• "Democrats want to ban photo ID for voting, but they want to require Americans to have a vaccine passport to travel in their own country. That’s more Orwellian than something that would have happened in Soviet Russia." Source: Sen. Tom Cotton (Republican, Arkansas)
• "Americans did not vote to give one party rein to implement an unprecedented power grab, to nationalize elections and strip power from states and localities from now into perpetuity. I am interested in making sure that all people have the opportunity to vote - all people that are legally eligible to vote, I want them to vote - but H.R. 1 is an affront to the United States Constitution. The drastic impact this legislation would have in federalizing elections, restricting free speech, and accelerating the divide in this country - that divide between left and right, rural and urban, red states and blue states - would be terribly damaging to our nation." Source:Sen. Jerry Moran (Republican, Kansas)
• "We have all been reminded in the starkest terms that government of the people, by the people, and for the people is not guaranteed. A violent assault on the Capitol is not the only way to attack democracy. Everyone who believes in our Constitutional vision should support reforms that make sure the American people are able to vote and that their government reflects their preferences and works for them." Source: Sen. Jeff Merkley (Democrat, Oregon)
• "As the incoming Chair of the Rules Committee, which has jurisdiction over federal elections, a number one priority will be to make voting easier and more secure and to halt the flood of special interest and dark money that is drowning out the voices of the American people. I am proud to introduce this legislation with my colleagues as the first bill in the new Democratic-led Senate." Source: Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Democrat, Minnesota)
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