Should sworn written ballots be allowed if a voter does not have a government issued identification?

• "People want to make sure that the election process is fair, that they can trust it. And a lot of people wonder, ‘Why in the world would you not have to present an ID for that when you have to do it for everything else?" Source: Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (Republican, Nisswa, Minnesota)
• "There’s no rational argument against requiring state ID – provided for free to those who don’t have a driver’s license – for absentee ballots. …every absentee ballot request that came in through the state website was cross-referenced with the driver’s license database and other records. The left said that photo ID for in-person voting would suppress votes. It didn’t. Registration and turnout soared, hitting new records with each election cycle." Source: Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (Republican, Georgia)
• "Congress should be looking for ways to break down barriers in states so all people can fully participate in democracy. The America Votes Act is a straightforward bill that builds on Washington state’s efforts to ensure election integrity while eliminating unnecessary, discriminatory laws that disenfranchise citizens and undermine democracy." Source: Rep. Rick Larsen (Democrat, Washington, District 2)
• "Voting should be made easier, not harder amid a global pandemic. But getting a photo ID in order to vote is far from simple; especially if you’re in one of the 34 states with voter ID laws and are Latino, African American, poor, disabled, or elderly. The wave of discriminatory and restrictive photo voter ID laws implemented after the Shelby decision purposely silenced thousands of American voters, including minority voters across Texas. I’m re-introducing the America Votes Act with Rep. Larsen because more must be done to reverse these unjust laws and ensure that Americans are able to safely and effectively participate in our democracy through voting." Source: Rep. Marc Veasey (Democrat, Texas, District 33)
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