Should a National Climate Bank be Created?

• "(It's) less about predicting financial stress and more about creating financial stress for politically incorrect, disfavored industries. Bank regulators and bank supervisors should not be in the business of implementing green environmental policy. That's not their job." Source: Representative Andy Barr (Republican, Kentucky)

• "Of course there will be alternative energies. We will have innovation. And I promise you this, the alternative energy innovations are not going to come from Washington... Because when Washington does that, they allocate money based on political concerns, not based on what is necessary" Source: Senator Ted Cruz (Republican, Texas)
• "When we invest in clean energy projects at home, we can export American technology and expertise overseas instead of importing foreign oil. A national climate bank is a model for how the financial, government, and private sectors can work together to leverage investment in climate action. We must continue to find innovative ways to capture and accelerate the momentum of the green economy, and a National Climate Bank will help invest in projects that are looking to decrease energy use and decrease carbon emissions." Source: Senator Edward J. Markey (Democrat, Massachusetts)

• "During the last decade, the green bank model has proven to have an outsized impact in states, creating good-paying jobs and decarbonizing the economy. Now we need to replicate this model at the federal level to meet the urgent economic and climate challenges before our country." Source: CEO Reed Hunt (Coalition for Green Capital)
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