Should the Biden Administrations' Cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline Be Re-evaluated?

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Bill Summary

Lawmakers in the Senate have introduced S.171 in a bid to reverse the Executive order which canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline. This transnational pipeline facilitated crude oil imports from Canada to the United States. The bill would establish that a presidential permit, in this case by President Biden, is not required for the construction, operation, or maintenance of the pipeline and its facilities, enabling the pipeline to be built. Sponsor: Senator Steve Daines (Republican, Montana)
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Opponents say

• "It's 'game over' for climate if we move from conventional fossil fuels into unconventional, which are even dirtier and more carbon-intensive. Terminating Keystone XL gives us a chance to avoid a big leap into that big mess... Pipelines would let this tar sands travesty continue longer, with our young people paying the price." Source: Dr. James Hansen NASA Climate Scientist
• "Our land, water, and people are under direct threat from the KXL pipeline. It is a project that has moved forward without regard to legality or safety. Our water sources are threatened by the dirty tar sand crude, our ancestral homelands are in the direct path of the pipeline, and our people already are suffering the effects of nearby construction worker man camps. Revoking the Trump administration’s illegal permit is a necessary first step towards fixing this situation." Source: Community President Andrew Werk Jr. Fort Belknap Indian Community

Proponents say

• "Americans are already struggling to make ends meet and keep food on the table because of the pandemic. Yet with the stroke of a pen, President Biden killed thousands of energy and union jobs, eliminated tax revenue for impoverished communities, raised energy costs for Americans, and put our national security and energy independence at risk." Source: Senator Steve Daines (Republican, Montana)
• "If we are actually serious about addressing climate change, we need smart solutions that provide cleaner energy at affordable prices through innovation, research, and technology. Eliminating the Keystone Pipeline will make both those objectives more difficult to achieve. Instead of eliminating it, we should embrace it." Source: Rep. Kevin Mcarthy (Republican, California, District 23)