Should Congress protect 660,000 acres of Colorado wilderness?

This bill has PASSED the House of Representatives.

• “DeGette isn’t wrong to push for wilderness – the designation makes sense for some beautiful and truly inaccessible places around here. But her approach is way off. Wilderness legislation should address local concerns and reflect cooperation among the state’s congressional delegation." Source: The Daily Sentinel Editorial Board
• “This land grab by Denver’s liberals is a perfect example [of] why rural Colorado so desperately needs a strong voice fighting for them in Washington, D.C." Source: Representative Lauren Boebert (Republican, Colorado, District 3)
• “Colorado’s majestic landscapes and vast wilderness areas are what make our state so special, and it’s why millions of outdoor adventurers come here each year to visit. It’s up to us, like those before us, to protect these precious lands for future generations to enjoy just as we’ve been able to do.” Source: Representative Diana DeGette (Democrat, Colorado, District 1)
• "Passing this legislation means Colorado - and states beyond - will be better equipped to combat climate change, safeguard our water supplies, and pass down these special places to future generations.” Source: The Sierra Club of Colorado
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