Should Congress condemn President Biden’s executive order to rejoin the Paris Agreement?

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Bill Summary

H.Res. 59 condemns President Biden’s executive order to rejoin the Paris Agreement. The bill challenges the legislative basis for POTUS’ order, in absence of negotiation and ratification by the US Senate. In this resolution, co-sponsors state that no pledge or amendment made within the Paris Agreement, as it is now, can be grounds for regulation, fiscal spending, or action by the US government. The proposed re-negotiations for the Paris Agreement in H.Res. 59 specifically concern ‘better’ representation for American interests, by way of increased pressure on foreign adversaries. Sponsor: David B. Mckinley (Republican, West Virginia, District 1)
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Opponents say

• “This is swift and decisive action. It makes the United States once more part of the global climate solution—not the problem… It puts environmental justice where it belongs—at the heart of the progress we need to make. And it sets the stage for the comprehensive action we need to confront the climate crisis now, while there’s still time to act.” Source: Mitchell Bernard (President of the Natural Resources Defense Council)
• “The Sierra Club applauds President Biden for wasting no time in fulfilling his promise to prioritize climate action. After four years of wasted time and national embarrassment, we are ready for President Biden to re-establish the United States as a leader on addressing the climate crisis and help to drive progress and ambition faster and further than ever before.” Source: The Sierra Club

Proponents say

• “We need to play a leading role in developing the innovation on carbon capture and other technologies… However, entering into an agreement that fails to hold many of the largest emitters in the world accountable will only put our economy at a disadvantage for no gain.” Source: Senator David Mckinley (Republican, West Virginia, District 1)
• “The Paris Agreement is a poorly negotiated, fatally flawed treaty that represents a bad deal for American families everywhere… At the very least, I urge President Biden to do what the Obama administration refused to do and submit the Paris Agreement to the Senate for consideration as required under the Constitution.” Source: Senator Steve Daines (Republican, Montana, District ‘At Large’)