Should climate change be taught in schools?

• “If they’re teaching about a subject, such as climate change, and they present both sides, that’s fine. That’s as it should be. A teacher who presents a skewed extension of their political beliefs, that’s closer to indoctrinating. That’s not good to kids.” Source: Virginia State Rep. Dave LaRock (Republican, Virginia, District 33)
• “More than half of young adults in the U.S. are worried about climate change and are taking action by leading protests or walkouts to urge their elected leaders to act. To effectively act upon our changing climate, young people need education on its causes, consequences, and possible solutions.” Source: Representative Barbara Lee (Democrat, California, District 9)
• “The next generation of future leaders must have the tools to understand and tackle climate change and the effects that are only forecast to worsen. Education is the key to change.” Source: State Senator Andrew Gournardes (Democrat, New York, District 22)
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