Censuring President Donald J. Trump for attempting to overturn the results of the November 2020 Election (H.Res. 14)

• "Elections are the bedrock of our democracy and the American people deserve to be 100% confident in our election system and its outcomes. But right now, tens of millions of Americans have real concerns about the way in which the November Presidential election was conducted - and I share their concerns." Source: Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (Republican, Georgia)
• "This is typical Democrats. They attack the president for everything. I think it’s ridiculous what the Democrats are doing, but it doesn’t surprise me." Source: Rep. Jim Jordan (Republican, Ohio, District 4)
• "President Trump’s call to the [Georgia Secretary of State] was far from ‘perfect.’ In fact, it is a violation of state and federal law. Tomorrow, I will introduce a resolution of Censure. Trump should Souresign now!" Source:Rep. Hank Johnson (Democrat, Georgia, District 4)
• "Donald Trump is desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. However, Trump has taken his desperation to a new low, demanding that the Georgia Secretary of State ‘find’ enough votes to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s win. He must be held accountable for his unhinged, undemocratic, un-American, and likely illegal overtures. That is why I urge all Members of Congress to stand up to ‘Tyrannical Trump,’ put country over party, and send the strong collective message that American is not ruled by an autocrat." Source: Rep. Joyce Beatty (Democrat, Ohio, District 3)
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