Censuring President Donald J. Trump for attempting to overturn the results of the November 2020 Election (H.Res. 14)

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Bill Summary

This resolution censures and condemns President Donald J. Trump for asking the Georgia Secretary of State on January 2, 2021, to overturn the Georgia results of the November 2020 presidential election. It further calls on President Trump to (1) retract and disavow this behavior, and (2) acknowledge President-elect Joseph R. Biden as the victor of the November 2020 presidential election. Sponsor: Rep. Henry C. "Hank" Johnson Jr. (Democrat, Georgia, District 4)
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Opponents say

• "Elections are the bedrock of our democracy and the American people deserve to be 100% confident in our election system and its outcomes. But right now, tens of millions of Americans have real concerns about the way in which the November Presidential election was conducted - and I share their concerns." Source: Former Sen. Kelly Loeffler (Republican, Georgia)
• "This is typical Democrats. They attack the president for everything. I think it’s ridiculous what the Democrats are doing, but it doesn’t surprise me." Source: Rep. Jim Jordan (Republican, Ohio, District 4)

Proponents say

• "President Trump’s call to the [Georgia Secretary of State] was far from ‘perfect.’ In fact, it is a violation of state and federal law. Tomorrow, I will introduce a resolution of Censure. Trump should Souresign now!" Source:Rep. Hank Johnson (Democrat, Georgia, District 4)
• "Donald Trump is desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. However, Trump has taken his desperation to a new low, demanding that the Georgia Secretary of State ‘find’ enough votes to reverse President-elect Joe Biden’s win. He must be held accountable for his unhinged, undemocratic, un-American, and likely illegal overtures. That is why I urge all Members of Congress to stand up to ‘Tyrannical Trump,’ put country over party, and send the strong collective message that American is not ruled by an autocrat." Source: Rep. Joyce Beatty (Democrat, Ohio, District 3)