Should Congress propose an amendment to the Constitution limiting the President’s pardon powers?

• "President Trump should pardon Flynn, the Thanksgiving turkey, and everyone from himself, to his admin, to Joe Exotic if he has to… The Left has a bloodlust that will only be quenched if they come for those who fought with @realDonaldTrump to deliver for the American people." Source: Rep. Matt Gaetz (Republican, Florida, District 1)
• "It is unfortunately well past time to amend the United States Constitution to make explicit a ban on self-dealing pardons. The framers of [the] Constitution included the pardon provisions as a safety valve against injustice, not as the means for a President to put himself, his family, and his associates above the law." Source: Rep. Steve Cohen (Democrat, Tennessee, District 9)
• "The President shall have no power to grant to himself a reprieve or pardon for an offense against the United States." Source: Rep. Al Green (Democrat, Texas, District 9)
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