Should Congress provide an incentive to states and tribes to manage their own oil and gas wells?

• “This is an opportunity for Congress to take action in a way that will mitigate the impacts of the oil bust on communities and workers. [...] Any efforts to address orphan wells must be linked with strengthening bonding requirements so that we are not facing this problem again down the line.” Source: Kate Kelly Director of Public Lands, Center for American Progress
• “Pennsylvania is the birthplace of the modern petroleum industry and the commonwealth’s oil and gas industry has helped lead America to energy independence. We have both an economic and environmental responsibility to ensure abandoned wells are plugged. The POWER Act will ensure these legacy sites are appropriately handled in order to protect the environment while also stimulating jobs in the oil and gas sector. This will be a win-win for Pennsylvania.” Source: Rep. Glenn Thompson (Republican, Pennsylvania, District 15)
• “I’m proud to join with Congressman Thompson to introduce the POWER Act, which will provide new economic opportunities for southwestern Pennsylvania’s oil and gas workers who are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. In Pennsylvania, we already have a skilled and knowledgeable workforce ready to remediate the estimated 200,000 orphaned wells across the state. By providing federal funding to plug these wells, we can support the creation of good-paying jobs for hardworking Americans while addressing environmental and safety hazards in our communities.” Source: Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (Republican, Pennsylvania, District 14)
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