Should states be required to establish contingency plans to conduct federal elections during national disasters and emergencies?

• “While I appreciate the Senators’ efforts, imposing additional constraints on states from the federal government is the opposite of what we should be doing right now… Most states have already integrated these methods of voting, and we don't know how long it would take the rest of the country to be able to successfully implement these programs. We should not be pushing through unnecessary policies in a time of emergency” Source: Sen. Rodney Davis (Republican, Illinois)
• “Mail ballots are the most labor-intensive [way to count votes], and the switch to them in 2020, as you well know, is causing delays in final results… And that runs counter to one of the Republicans’ main goals, which is trying to end the election on election night.” Source: Ion Sanchos (Former Florida Election Official)
• “We must take critical steps to ensure that states have the resources they need to implement early in-person voting and no-excuse absentee vote-by-mail programs. As Congress prepares to provide states with medical and economic relief, we should also act swiftly to pass my legislation to ensure that every American has a safe way to participate in our democracy during a national emergency.” Source: Sen. Ron Wyden (Democrat, Oregon)
• “This legislation is an important step forward in safeguarding our elections and the democratic participation of all eligible voters, including those who may be most vulnerable during a crisis. That's not a partisan priority, it's an American one.” Source: Alexandra Chandler (Protect Democracy)
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