Should people under immigraton inspection have a right to counsel?

• “Democrats understand that it’s a bridge too far to outright repeal the Immigration and Nationality Act provision prohibiting taxpayer-funded counsel during removal proceedings. H.R. 5581 is their way of testing how far they can go.” Source: Rep. Doug Collins (Republican, Georgia, District 9)
• “There is no real definition of what constitutes the ‘briefest term and least restrictive conditions practicable… This could be used to justify the release of aliens [into the U.S.].” Source: Preston Huennekens (Government Relations Associate, FAIR)
• “For years, this president and his administration have demonized immigrants and committed human rights abuses against immigrants seeking refuge in our country. Enough is enough… We must take steps to affirm the basic human dignity of those who come to our country seeking a better life, and that starts with ensuring legal representation to those who cross the border and fixing the inhumane conditions at ICE detention centers.” Source: Sen. Kamala Harris (Democrat, California)
• “The day after the President signed his inhumane Muslim Ban executive order, innocent men, women and children at Seattle-Tacoma and airports across the country were detained and barred from entering the United States without any access to counsel… Unlawfully detaining and deporting individuals is wrong, and denying them access to an attorney is a gross violation of basic rights. To uphold principles of due process and fair treatment, this bill will ensure the government gives individuals access to an attorney.” Source: Rep. Pramila Jayapal (Democrat, Washington, District 7)
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