Should we subject semi-automatic firearms with detachable magazines to National Firearm Act regulations?

• Subjecting semi-automatics with extendable magazines to National Firearm Act regulations will not be effective to deter violence, but it will create make it unnecessarily difficult for law-abiding gun owners to obtain commonly-used firearms.
• The National Firearms Act is only supposed to regulate uncommonly used firearms, while the firearms in this bill are commonly used and therefore protected by the Second Amendment.
• “It’s enlightening to see that anti-gun members of Congress, who claim to be focused on reducing “gun violence,” are more concerned with rimfire rifles used for plinking and small game than focusing on why so few criminals who try to buy a gun are actually prosecuted.” - National Rifle Association, Institute for Legislative Action
• Attachable magazines can extend the number of rounds a gun can hold up to 100. In the wake of numerous mass shootings, reducing the availability of guns that a shooter can load with extended magazines could reduce the number of deaths in a tragedy.
• “Tragically, assault rifles have been the weapon of choice in our country’s deadliest mass shootings, including Parkland, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and Orlando. That’s because these weapons are designed to efficiently kill other humans. Assault rifles should not be so available and have no place in our community. Our laws are broken; it’s time to end the insanity of allowing weapons of war on our streets” - Rep. Theodore Deutch (Democrat, Florida, District 22)
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