Should Congress amend the Equal Pay Act to help eliminate the gender pay gap?

This bill has PASSED the House of Representatives.

You can still vote on this bill, but since the vote has already taken place,
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• “At a time when the...economy is already hurting women so much, this legislation would double down on job loss, all while lining the pockets of trial lawyers. In other words, it’s just another Democratic idea that threatens to hurt the very people that it claims to help.” - Senator Mitch Mcconnell (Republican, Kentucky)
• “Discrimination of all kinds is wrong. I think a woman ought to get paid as much as men for the same work — that’s just common sense and it’s the law. But I’ve looked at this from all sides — I’ve talked to Mainers, to business leaders, to men and women, and this particular bill, in my view, fails to address the real causes that are driving the wage gap. In addition, the bill could impose substantial burdens on businesses in justifying pay differentials.” - Senator Angus King (Independent, Maine)
• “Ten years ago, Congress and President Obama achieved an important victory for women seeking to challenge pay discrimination in court with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. But it was never intended for that bill to be passed as the only fix for the ongoing pay disparity between men and women. Women across the country still need the tools in the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure they get equal pay for equal work.” - Lilly Ledbetter
• “Requiring employers to justify any decision not to pay workers equal wages for doing substantially equal work is reasonable in light of the Equal Pay Act’s goal to uncover discrimination and the unspecific nature of the “factor other than sex” defense. Moreover, the Paycheck Fairness Act does not alter the safeguards embedded in the Equal Pay Act that ensure that employers have appropriate discretion in setting compensation in nondiscriminatory ways.” - National Women’s Law Center
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