Should an individual who has committed a hate crime be prevented from purchasing guns?

•      The Speaker of the House, Rep. Paul Ryan [R-WI-1], comments, “As we look at how to proceed [on gun control legislation], we… want to make sure we aren't infringing upon people's legitimate constitutional rights. That's important.
•      Robert Farago, a writer for The Truth About Guns, notes, “Haters have rights, too. Strip them of their right to keep and bear arms without proof of criminality and everyone’s rights go bye-bye.”
•    Senator Bob Casey [D-PA], who introduced companion legislation to this bill in the Senate, argues, “If you’ve been convicted of a crime based on hate, you should have zero access to a gun. It’s not complicated… If we care about the safety and security of our communities, it’s imperative that we put measures in place to keep guns out of the wrong hands.”
•     According to Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, “Hate crimes are multiplying at an alarming rate, with major metro areas seeing a 20 percent increase last year. Congress has a responsibility now to make sure those criminals can no longer act out on that hate.”
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