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Partner with IssueVoter

Partnering organizations benefit from our real-time data and content tailored to fit their needs. Join our incredible community of partners and enjoy a personalized IssueVoter experience, including opportunities to:

  • Amplify issues important to you
  • Represent your community's voice
  • Get access to educational tools
  • Customize your IssueVoter platform
  • Request bespoke research
  • Learn more about your community

We work with a wide range of organizations, from nonprofits to colleges. Get in touch with us to learn more.
We offer personalized partnerships that meet your organization’s unique needs.

Get in touch with us to learn more about customized platform options, request bespoke research, and real-time data on issues important to your stakeholders.
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Partners Include

Partner Testimonials

“Partnering with IssueVoter, we have sent alerts on criminal justice reform, law enforcement, and voting legislation to individuals on the inside and their families every quarter in 2020. Our partnership informs and activates individuals across over 400 prisons in the U.S.”
Amani Sawari, Writer, Founder, and Advocate
“IssueVoter enables our community in Denver to stay connected to national issues. We invite them to Vote EVERY DAY via IssueVoter. From our newsletter, sign-up completion rates were over 97%. Most importantly, because of IssueVoter, we sent over 1,000 opinions to Congress in 2020!”
Evan Weissman, Executive Director, Warm Cookies of the Revolution
“Higher Heights is a national organization and the political home for Black women and our allies to unleash our collective organizing power from the voting booth to elected office. We were excited to partner with IssueVoter to enable Black women’s voices to be heard year-round and make participation in accountable governance easy.”
Kimberly Peeler-Allen, Co-Founder, Higher Heights for America

For Educators

The future of civic engagement belongs to the next generation of constituents. That's why we created a lesson plan to help students use IssueVoter to understand the lawmaking process.

Want to bring IssueVoter into your classroom? Enter your email and we'll send you:

  • A detailed IssueVoter lesson plan
  • Teacher preparation resources
  • Student worksheets
“IssueVoter has been such an informative tool for our Explorations in Politics college class this semester! For students who are interested in politics but just don’t know where to start, IssueVoter offers education without jargon or partisan agenda. It is particularly helpful in keeping you up to date on issues that don’t receive extensive media coverage. A great initiative for making our democracy more educative, efficient, and engaging!”
Marie Paxton, Teacher

We Need You

Join our amazing team of volunteers, interns, and ambassadors! We make it easy to collaborate remotely and work around your schedule. Applications accepted year-round — we can’t wait to hear from you.


Our volunteers are professionals with work experience, from research and marketing to analysis and consulting. Apply to volunteer with our team to share your skills.
“IssueVoter has been a perfect fit! Being part of such an important platform is as rewarding as it gets. Working with Maria and the interns on a variety of different projects has helped me develop my skills and gave me the chance to support causes that are important to me.”
Barry Meindl, Volunteer


We offer internships for students (high school, undergrad, or grad) to gain experience in the non-profit sector, with fall, spring, and summer cohorts every year.
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“My internship at IssueVoter was an extremely rewarding experience that gave me the opportunity to stay civically engaged and learn about nonprofits. It allowed me to interact with other politically active students and network with professionals.”
Rachel Hunn, Intern

Ambassador Program

Become an IssueVoter Ambassador and learn about grassroots advocacy, community engagement, the legislative process, and more. Anyone can join and start making a difference.
Be an Ambassador
“Being a part of IssueVoter’s first ambassador program was a wonderful gave me hope to meet fellow ambassadors and IssueVoter users that had different beliefs and perspectives but respected each other with the goal of enhancing the health of our democracy.”
Madison Wisdom, Ambassador

For Lawmakers and Staffers

IssueVoter can help Congressional offices learn what their constituents truly care about. Lawmakers and staffers don’t need to tally individual emails — we compile IssueVoter opinions from constituents in your district and send them directly to your office. Our platform covers all bills scheduled for a floor vote, not just those making headlines in the media.

Interested in learning more?

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