Should Congress provide grants for state and local governments to provide mentoring, transitional services, and training?

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Bill Summary

This bill authorizes grants for state and local governments that would be allocated to mentoring and training offenders to reintegrate successfully into communities. Governments must allow state courts or magistrates to consider the danger posed by individuals when determining bail or pretrial release conditions. In addition, state courts and magistrates must have taken previous steps to mitigate repeat offenders in order to be eligible for grants. Sponsor: Sen. Elise Stefanik (Republican, New York, District 21)
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Opponents say

   "My Republican colleagues are pushing a messaging bill that represents unnecessary federal overreach into what is fundamentally a state matter — something they would normally decry. If my colleagues want to get serious about protecting our communities, they should work alongside us to deliver meaningful gun safety legislation." Source: Rep. Paul Tonko (Democrat, New York, District 20)

Proponents say

  "In the face of the Far Left’s calls to Defund the Police and dangerous bail reform that puts more violent criminals on the street, I am proud to lead this investment in our law enforcement and strengthen public safety. Far Left Albany’s reckless and dangerous bail reform policies have already put our communities at risk. My legislation will incentivize New York State to implement policies that correct their massive oversight and hold repeat offenders accountable. I’m proud to stand united with local law enforcement and our community members to work to keep Upstate New York and the North Country, and our state of New York, safe." Source: Sen. Elise Stefanik (Republican, New York, District 21)

  "The sweeping measures implemented by NY Bail Reform in 2020 haphazardly returned criminals to the streets and left the prosecution and law enforcement with insurmountable tasks; all while omitting the addition of adequate funding to accomplish the new mandates. The SERVE Our Communities Act effectively takes head on the escalating post covid violent crime rates in New York by providing a funding source aimed at pulling off the band aid and finding a cure. Furthermore, giving our judges discretion to set bail is clearly what public safety dictates and what our communities require. Let’s get ahead of the violence and balance the scales of justice. Thank You Congresswoman Stefanik for supporting public safety with the introduction of this important and necessary Act." Source: Lorraine Diamond (Montgomery County District Attorney)