Should Congress withhold federal funding from governments that allow non-citizens to vote in local elections?

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This bill seeks to withhold federal funding from state and local governments if aliens are allowed to vote in elections at any level of government. After receiving federal funding, governments will be required to certify that aliens will not be permitted to vote in elections. Sponsor: Rep Jeff Duncan (Republican, South Carolina, District 3) View full bill text ➔

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Opponents say

  "Today, about one in fourteen people in the US are noncitizen immigrants (lawful permanent residents, unauthorized immigrants, or legal residents on temporary visas). They live in virtually every state, city, suburb, and town. They’re teachers and students, physicians and nurses, musicians and construction workers. They pay taxes, raise their families, send their kids to schools, and make countless social and cultural contributions every day. But while they’re denizens of the same communities and neighborhoods as voters, non-citizens are barred from entering the polling booth. While they live under the same policies set by legislative bodies, they have little ability to influence and select the representatives making those laws. This exclusion is a fundamental violation of their self-determination — an affront to one of their most basic, inviolable rights. It turns millions of people into political subordinates, undermining the vitality of democratic life and making a mockery of American democracy. All US residents should be able to vote — whether they come from Delaware or the Dominican Republic." Source: Jacobin 

  "One of the most common objections to non-citizen voting is that this violates the tradition in that the right to vote has always been confined to citizens. The fact is that the assertion about history simply isn't true. Our history is much more complex, and there have been periods in places when non-citizen voting was common." Source: Alex Keyssar (Jr. Professor of History and Social Policy at Harvard Kennedy School)

Proponents say

  "Voting in this country is a right that should solely be limited to American citizens. Allowing non-citizens or illegal immigrants to vote, even if only in state or local elections, gives foreign nationals influence on some of the most important decisions impacting our families, our rights, and our representation in government. Non-citizen voting has the potential to exacerbate the border crisis and cause a greater erosion of confidence in our electoral process. Non-citizen voting is not some sort of farfetched idea—it is currently allowed in New York, San Francisco, and even in the suburbs of our nation's capital. I will not stand for this sort of globalist extremism that attempts to undermine what it means to be an American citizen. I am honored to work with Senator Marco Rubio on this very important effort to safeguard the security of our elections." Source: Rep. Duncan (Republican, South Carolina, District 3)

  "Each and every elected official in the United States should be chosen by the American citizens they represent. It’s absolutely insane that any state or locality would give our precious right to vote to foreign citizens and truly sad that legislation like this is even needed, but I won’t stand by and let radical politicians open America’s voting booths to foreign interference. I hope every member of the Senate stands with us in supporting this commonsense bill." Source: Rick Scott (Republican, Illinois, Senator)