Question: Provide TSA employees with federal employee collective bargaining rights?

This bill has Passed the House of Representatives
Bill Summary

This bill modifies the workplace rights, protections, and benefits applicable to TSA employees. Specifically, the bill 1) subjects TSA personnel to the same personnel management system as other federal employees and 2) protects pay rates and leave rights. Sponsor: Rep. Bennie Thompson (Democrat, Mississippi, District 2) View full bill text ➔

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Opponents say

•    "When Congress enacted the aviation and transportation security act in 2001, which created TSA, it recognized the importance of providing unique authority to ensure that TSA could carry out its national security mission. H.R. 903 would eliminate the current personnel system that provides TSA with the agility and management of its now 60,000 person workforce. Converting the entire TSA workforce into Title V would limit the vital flexibility that TSA has to address evolving security threats." Source: Rep. Michael Guest (Republican, Mississippi, District 3)

Proponents say

•    "Since its establishment, the hard-working men and women of TSA have been given second-class treatment and, in turn, consistently suffer from low morale and high attrition. We cannot continue to ask these brave men and women to protect us on the frontlines, yet not provide them with the pay and the basic protections most Federal employees receive." Source: Rep. Bennie Thompson (Democrat, Mississippi, District 2)