Should Congress require states to implement a ballot tracking system for voting by mail?

•     "By limiting that [drop boxes], you are preserving a secure pattern and not opening that chain of transfer (of ballots) to mischief or mayhem or mishap." Source: State Senator Dennis Baxley (Republican, Florida, Ocala)

     "American voters turned out in record numbers in 2020. With voting rights under attack across the country, it is critical that we protect mail-in voting and drop boxes, which allowed millions of Americans to vote safely and securely last year, including many with disabilities or other limitations that make going to a polling location difficult. Let’s not be distracted by politically-motivated lies which seek [to] undermine faith in our elections. The Department of Homeland Security under President Trump reported that last year’s election was the most secure in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, Republicans in state legislatures across the country are seeking political advantage by attempting to stop certain people from voting. When we take away someone’s vote, we take away their voice." Source: Rep. Val Demings (Democrat, Florida, District 10)

•     "As politicians across the country move to limit the use of ballot drop boxes and place unnecessary and overly burdensome requirements on mail-in ballots, we need the Every Vote Counts Act to make certain every voter can cast their ballot and have that ballot count. Signature matching requirements and the restriction of ballot drop boxes have negative effects on Black Americans and other communities of color. This bill will put a stop to these discriminatory acts, and encourage all Americans to go out and make their voice heard. Our democracy demands participation to represent the will of the people."

Source: Jon Greenbaum (Chief Counsel and Senior Deputy Director, Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law)

  • Every Vote Counts Act (H.R. 3867)  

  • Awaiting Vote

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    This bill would require states to implement a ballot tracking system for voting by mail and for all counties to offer ballot drop boxes. The Election Assistance Commission and the National Institute of Standards and Technology would also develop standards for alternatives for signature matching verifications requirements. Sponsor: Rep. Val Demings (Democrat, Florida, District 10)

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