Should Congress implement measures to increase voter accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities?

•     "The problem with voter assistance is that all too often it’s illegal assistance. What all too often happens with this kind of assistance is it’s not folks going in and assisting them, it’s people going in and saying, here’s how you need to vote." Source: Hans von Spakovsky (Manager of the Election Law Reform Initiative, Heritage Foundation)

     "The right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy, but too often Americans face unnecessary barriers to accessing the ballot box. When it comes to voting rights, older Americans and Americans with disabilities are frequently overlooked. The Accessible Voting Act will support states in the important work of improving voter accessibility, and make it easier for older Americans and people with disabilities to get voting information, request mail-in ballots, and access voter registration and absentee ballot applications. We must ensure that every eligible American can exercise their right to vote without undue burden." Source: Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (Democrat, Pennsylvania, District 5)

•     "The Accessible Voting Act is absolutely essential for the 14 million people living with disabilities, for the quarter of the population that is now over age 65, for Native Americans and Alaska Natives, indigenous peoples, and others who have traditionally faced accessibility obstacles, language barriers, and discrimination within our voting system. I’m proud our legislation will address these systemic deficiencies so we can make sure everyone is able to vote regardless of a disability, where you live, or what language you speak." Source: Rep. Jamie Raskin (Democrat, Maryland, District 8)

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