Should Congress End Tax Benefits for Oil and Gas Companies?

• "America’s domestic energy has far-reaching implications for every sector of our economy.. In order to sustain good-paying jobs, create prosperity for future generations, and secure American interests around the globe, we must reject and counteract policies that place a higher premium on appeasing the radical left than protecting the future of America’s energy sector." Source: Representative Fred Keller (Republican, Pennsylvania, District 12)
• "Fossil fuel corporations have exploited public resources and paid us pennies for decades now, and this bill is the right way to restore some balance to our economy. The American people are tired of propping up a failed business model that relies on subsidizing companies to pollute our air, dirty our water and destroy our climate. With her [Porter] helping to lead the way, the Natural Resources Committee and the Democratic majority are going to end corporate giveaway culture and return economic power to the American people where it belongs." Source: Rep. Raúl Grijalvaa (Democrat, Arizona, District 3)

• "Public lands are a collective national treasure that belong to the American people—polluters that want to extract energy on these lands owe taxpayers a fair price. We haven’t raised the rental rate for mining on public lands since I was in junior high, and we’ve been charging oil and gas companies the same royalty rate for over 100 years. My Ending Taxpayer Welfare for Oil and Gas Companies Act would protect taxpayers and give these prices a decades-overdue update." Source: Representative Katie Porter (Democrat, California, District 45)
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