Should Congress prohibit online ammunition sales?

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This bill requires face-to-face purchases of ammunition, requires licensing of ammunition dealers, and requires reporting regarding the bulk purchases of ammunition. Sponsor: Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (Democrat, New Jersey, District 12) View full bill text ➔

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Opponents say

• "Right now, there is a shortage of ammunition. Normally, this shelf would be full, like full full. There would be ammo on the floor. None of this makes any sense, from a logical perspective, so to really understand it. I believe that this type of legislation is being conducted out of fear, and it’s a basic human emotion. People hate what they fear and fear what they can’t understand." Source: Jason Mele (Upstate Armory Group)

• "Any effort to unconstitutionally restrict gun ownership, I will fight. Any effort to deny people the ammunition to have a gun, I will fight." Source: Sen. Lindsey Graham (Republican, South Carolina)

Proponents say

• "Several of my colleagues and I have introduced common sense legislation that, if enacted, would reduce gun violence and the tragic impact it has on our communities. The Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act is one step in the right direction to slowing the proliferation of guns and ammunition. Americans did not send us to Washington to mourn them when it is our job to do everything we can as federal legislators to protect them." Source: Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (Democrat, New Jersey, District 12)

• "I have complete confidence that President Biden will take fun violence seriously and will work to enact common-sense gun legislation into law.." Source: Rep. James E. Clyburn (Democrat, South Carolina)