Should Congress regulate staffing agencies and businesses to protect temporary workers?

There are currently no official opposing statements for this bill because it has only been recently referred to the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Sit tight! We will update this summary once more information is available.
• “Temporary workers battle daily against discrimination, wage theft, workplace abuse, and predatory corporations. But long before COVID-19 shook our economy to its core, temp workers were intentionally carved out of policies meant to enshrine economic justice, which has left them vulnerable to the worst actors in our society. Through the Restoring Worker Power Act, we can immediately give hardworking Americans a raise, while extending worker rights and workplace protections.” Source: Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III (Democrat, Massachusetts, District 4)
• “Over the last decade, Corporate America has become increasingly aware that they can exploit their workforces for higher profits by taking advantage of temporary workers and labor loopholes. Every worker in America deserves equal pay for equal work, and the federal government cannot allow temp workers to be an exception. The time has come for a temp workers Bill of Rights, and I’m proud to introduce this legislation with Rep. Kennedy, which would boost wages and benefits, increase protections, and help restore the power balance between working-class Americans and corporate executives.” Source: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (Democrat, Missouri, District 5)
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