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How it Works

1Receive alerts before bills pass

Choose the issues you care about & get alerts about relevant new bills. IssueVoter summarizes them, and offers pros, cons, and related news for context, keeping you informed year-round.

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These opinions truly shape how representatives vote and this tool has enormous potential to create change.
Glenn Nye
Glenn Nye,
former US Representative and Director at Datacoup

2Send your opinion directly to your rep

With 1-click, IssueVoter lets your Rep know how you want them to vote on bills, without you having to pick up the phone or mail a letter.

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3Track your rep’s votes and bill outcomes

Your private IssueVoter profile tracks how often your elected officials vote your way, keeping politicians accountable and helping you make an informed decision at election time.

Engage with Your Political Process

Track your rep's activity. We tell you how your rep voted, how often your representative agrees with you, and whether or not they’ve attended a vote.

Encourage open discussion. You can share an issue on your favorite social network, without revealing your personal opinion.

Act on issues that don’t make headlines. We don’t only tell you about what is breaking the news; we check for updates every hour to make sure you have the latest information.

Become an informed voter. Using IssueVoter year-round informs you before elections and keeps money's influence out of your opinion. Only re-elect reps who truly represented you.

of a Bill
  • You see scorecard
  • You vote on Election Day
  • Rep gets elected
  • Rep introduces bills
  • You get alerted
  • You send your opinion
  • You spread the word
  • Rep Votes

Before and After IssueVoter

Before IssueVoter

  • Bills are hard to research and understand
  • Contacting your rep requires snail mail, picking up the phone, or filling out long forms online
  • Petitions don’t work and you never discover the outcome
  • Issues you care about are scattered across multiple single-issue organizations

After IssueVoter

  • Bills are summarized, along with pros, cons, and recent news
  • IssueVoter tracks your rep’s votes, bill outcomes, and how often you agree
  • Send your opinion directly to your rep in just 1-click
  • Act on all the issues you care about in one place

What People are Saying

This was so easy and I finally felt engaged with our political system — with one click! I loved finding out how frequently I agree/disagree with my representative's votes – It is enlightening and empowering information for our next Congressional election!
Marina Tarasova
Marina Tarasova, Head of Medical Business Development at Capsule
Contrary to the caricature, Members of Congress really do care what constituents think. We kept tallies of opinions about issues and constituent sentiment was a central part of the decision making process – it changes minds and changes votes.
Travis Moore
Travis Moore, Former Legislative Director for Rep. Henry A. Waxman
I love IssueVoter because they ignore the debate of Democrats vs. Republicans and focus on what really matters: issues that affect me, my friends, and my community. IssueVoter helps me understand the real laws on the table and most importantly, voice my opinion.
Dan Mascola
Dan Mascola, Head of B2B Product Marketing at ZOZI

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